Twitch is bleeding purple

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It's Tuesday and Tubi is on the FAST track to global acclaim. Just days after announcing a series starring TikTok icon Khaby Lame, the ad-supported service has revealed plans to bring 20,000 free movie and shows to U.K. viewers.


Twitch just debuted its own version of YouTube Play Buttons

The awards program: Twitch is putting its own spin on Play Buttons. The platform debuted its take on YouTube’s signature creator trophies at TwitchCon Rotterdam, where it introduced a new Streamer Achievement Awards program.

  • Partner streamers recognized by that program will celebrate their viewership milestones in style. Twitch’s “Bleed Purple Statues” come in the expected purple hue (for 5 million watch hours), black-and-white marble (50 million), and shiny chrome (250 million).

  • TwitchCon attendees got a sneak peek at the purple version of those statues in late June, when LittleBigWhale—a French streamer and Apex Legends gamer with 600,000 followers—received the first Streamer Achievement Award onstage.

  • LittleBigWhale won’t remain the program’s sole recipient for long. Twitch CEO Dan Clancy says other “eligible creators will receive an invitation to redeem their statue later this summer.”

In other news: Twitch’s awards program wasn’t the only surprise to hit Rotterdam. The platform also introduced Clubs, a new feature that gives Affiliate and Partner streamers access to a dedicated Discord server with “channels to solicit support from Club members and Twitch Staff, and a library of toolboxes on monetization, engagement, and content development strategies” (per Clancy).

The big picture: Since taking over as CEO, Clancy has taken major strides to repair the relationship between Twitch and its creator community. The introduction of milestone awards is a good move for a platform seeking to mend fences—but it’s also a way for Twitch to keep up with the competition.

  • In recent years, rivals like Kick and YouTube have wooed top streamers away from Twitch with big-dollar deals and promises of increased recognition. By introducing its own version of Play Buttons, the Amazon-owned limits the allure of at least one of those perks.

What can creators expect from Spotter’s cutting-edge AI toolkit? Here’s an FAQ from YouTube’s top stars:

Creators can achieve anything—especially when they’re armed with the right resources. 

Spotter gets it. As a leading creator-platform company, they’ve invested $900M+ to support creators’ careers. Now, their team is partnering with top YouTubers to develop a full suite of AI software—including a newly-released feature called Title Exploder.

What can creators expect from Spotter’s cutting-edge AI toolkit? Here’s an FAQ from YouTube’s biggest stars:

1. What’s the goal of Spotter’s AI suite? 🤔
Spotter’s AI tools are designed to help YouTubers beat creative block. Take it from Dude Perfect: the squad says they “see so much potential in these tools to help us save time and increase our productivity.”

2. What sets tools like Title Exploder apart from other AI resources? 🥇
Grilling with AB says “Spotter tools are higher quality because they are tailored to my channel.” Title Exploder is a key example: Spotter’s title generator analyzes creators’ most successful content and YouTube’s top videos to formulate viral titles.

3. Who can access Title Exploder? 🗝️
As Colin and Samir explained in a recent video, creators with 100,000+ subscribers can register for Title Exploder right now

Still building your audience? Add your name to the waitlist for exclusive access to upcoming launches and events:


  • Anaya Kandhal scored nearly 1 billion views in our latest seven-day chart, making her wholesome India-based hub the most-watched YouTube channel of the week. (Tubefilter)

  • A new YouTube policy allows users to request the removal of videos that use AI “to alter or create synthetic content that looks or sounds” like them. (Engadget)

  • Instagram and Facebook’s “Made with AI” content labels will be rebranded as “AI Info” tags following complaints from photography creators. (Engadget)

  • The Supreme Court has opted not to strike down or uphold two state laws designed to restrict content moderation by social media platforms. (ABC News)


Top 3 Branded Videos: Mark Rober melts hearts, not ice rinks

Shorts ruled the roost this week. Seconds-long videos from creators like Mark Rober and Dude Dans scored millions of views, in part by answering some of the internet’s biggest questions.

Ready to find out why ice rinks don’t melt and toy blocks still deserve some serious love? Take a peek at Gospel Stats’ latest batch of branded data:

🥇 Mark Rober x Eight Sleep: Why Don’t Ice Rinks Melt?
Rober reinforced his status as YouTube’s favorite science guy late last month, when he artfully explained how ice rinks maintain their shape in just 60 seconds. The result: 14 million viewers walked away with newfound knowledge of both frozen venues and Eight Sleep’s equally cool bedtime tech.

🥈 Dude Dans x Block Blast: Make Blocks Fun Again
If we’ve learned anything from Disney, it’s that nothing tugs on the heartstrings like anthropomorphized toys. Dude Dans’ latest Short drove that premise home by following the tearful journey of a toy block cast aside by his favorite child—and then rediscovered thanks to the power of a mobile game called Block Blast.

🥉 Futcrunch x Top Eleven: Where the Ball Lands, You Get!
Futcrunch’s high position in this week’s branded chart doesn’t exactly come out of left field. The soccer-themed channel scored nearly 84 million monthly views in June alone—and brands like Top Eleven are taking notice.

FYI: This Weekly Brand Report is just a taste of everything Gospel Stats has to offer. Check out the full site here for in-depth data on branded partnerships, rising creators, and emerging YouTube trends.


Hellboy is back, baby 😈

The trailer: Hellboy is going back to his horror roots. An upcoming film based around Mike Mignola’s iconic comic book character promises fans a spooky good time, complete with an ominous Appalachian setting and a Hill House-style villain.

  • Viewers willing to brave a few jump scares can check out the trailer for Hellboy: The Crooked Man here.

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