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It’s Friday and an app described as ‘MySpace for Gen Z’ has soared to #1 in the App Store. Will noplace secure a permanent spot at the top of the charts?


The Sidemen’s latest Best Cereal promo features an unexpected star

The partnership: The Sidemen’s latest creator collab is here just in time for breakfast. The U.K. supergroup has tapped Madden NFL streamer Sketch—who claims 6 million followers across YouTube and Twitch—to promote their Best Cereal line.

  • In a minute-long ad produced by After Party Studios, Sketch checks into a swanky hotel and saucily alerts the bellhop to his craving for Best Cereal. The rest of the short commercial is a whirlwind of flying dishes, five-star room service, and Caramel Gold cereal (one of two Best Cereal flavors included in the Sidemen’s broader Best Breakfast line).

  • After chowing down on his requested breakfast, Sketch issues a final call-to-action to viewers: “Best Cereal! Grab a box now!”

The process: That on-brand commercial didn’t take long to whip up. According to After Party Studios co-founder Ben Doyle, the ad came together with just four days between greenlight and filming. Now, a combined 30 million followers will have a chance to savor Sketch’s Best Cereal promo when it appears across his and the Sidemen’s social channels.

The big picture: The Sidemen are far from the only creators to break into the food-and-bev biz. YouTube vets Rhett and Link snagged their own spot in the cereal aisle last year, while MrBeast has similarly built hype for his Feastables snack brand by partnering with fellow creators like Karl Jacobs and Corpse Husband (often through the release of new and limited-edition products).

  • A Sketch-themed cereal might not be in the works just yet, but we’re guessing the streamer’s endorsement will be enough to increase Best Cereal’s already impressive sale numbers. The breakfast line has proven to be a hit, with 100,000 boxes sold within two weeks of its March 2024 debut.


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Don’t worry: FoodTok is still deliciously chaotic

Behind-the-scenes: Kaitlyn Lavery isn’t afraid of a little flying pizza sauce—especially when she’s hot on the trail of NYC’s best bites.

  • In a recent video, the food influencer diverged from her usual restaurant reviews to showcase a montage of her messiest on-camera moments. From airborne toasties to noodle slurps gone wrong, Lavery’s collection of BTS clips offers a peek at the culinary chaos that accompanies even the best-laid dinner plans.

  • Check out the full behind-the-scenes video here.

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